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TELL YOUR STORY - Join the Speaker's Bureau

Why haven't you signed up for the Speaker's Bureau yet? GLSEN/Chicago is proud to be in the process of organizing the first LGBT speaker's bureau for the Chicago area. If you have a coming out story to tell or have specific knowledge you'd like to pass along, and if you are willing to meet with teacher, student, or administrator groups at the elementary, high school, or university levels, or if you are willing to talk with religious groups, private companies, community groups, union groups or just about any other group you can imagine, call GLSEN and request an application for the Speaker's Bureau. We're a fledgling group of speakers trying to build a strong enough list of speakers so we can begin advertising and promoting speakers to schools and other groups around the Chicago area. GLSEN currently receives an average of about one speaker request every month, and this is without any form of advertising. We feel certain that once we begin letting schools (as an example) know that we have speakers available to come to classes, faculty meetings, school board meetings and so forth, we'll get an amazing response.

We at the Speaker's Bureau still believe that a personal connection between a speaker and audience continues to be our greatest asset in eliminating homophobia in our schools. If you think you might be interested, please call or email us for an application. Or just contact us for more information. GLSEN's phone number is 312/409-1835. Our email address is mail@glsenchicagoland.org.




Training for Members of the GLSEN Speakers Bureau will cover information designed to prepare them for making presentations to groups of students, faculty, administrators, parents and interested organizations. Three sessions are planned, covering the following topics: "It's Elementary" (February 3), "Telling Your Story" (March 3), and "GLBT Youth, Who Are They and What Do They Need?" (April 7).

Sessions are scheduled from 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Room 5D at DePaul University's Schmitt Academic Center, 2323 N. Seminary (actually on Belden, between Kenmore and Halsted).

Parking is available in the garage associated with the Dominick's at Sheffield and Fullerton (about $4/hour) or in a 4-story parking garage on Clifton. If you can find it,parking is free on the east-west streets near the campus, and some metered spaces are available nearby.

Public Transportation: Take the Red Line, getting off at the Fullerton stop. Walk two blocks west on Fullerton to the Amoco station. Go left to get into the campus.

Access to the Schmitt Center is a little complicated due to some construction, but the easiest way to get into the building is to walk into the campus quad and follow the signs to the Schmitt Center. You can also enter the Schmitt Center through the library. Just ask for directions once you get into the library building.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the GLSEN Speakers Bureau, please contact Sue Bell at bellres@megsinet.net




The applicaiton can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat. Click here to download the application.


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